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Thursday, 22 August 2013

3 Tips for Overcoming Obstacles in Your Weight-Loss Journey

Let’s face it, hard times hit us all but how YOU choose to let it affect you and your weight loss are what sets you apart from the rest.
More than four weeks ago I severely injured my heel and ended up with 12 stitches and one massive infection. I am still healing and have instructions to keep my foot elevated and not walk on it. Boy, that sure is hard having two little boys at home to chase around. The hardest part of this unfortunate injury isn’t the pain but rather the lack of exercise I am getting because I can’t use my foot. Walking and swimming are my favorite summertime activities and, sadly, those are put on hold until this heel heals.
I have learned a few things over the past four weeks about overcoming obstacles and I would like to share these three tips with you.
  1. Think Positively: Rather than focusing on the negative situation you are in, focus on the things you can do to make it better. I may not be able to walk or do my cardio fitness but I can do arm exercises and bent-knee pushups. These small reminders do wonders for the psyche.
  2. Focus Your Energy Elsewhere: Typically, when I am without injury you will find me walking the dogs, strolling around downtown, or training for a 5k. Now, instead of seeing me on the street, you will find me working in my lush garden, catching up on my pile of books “I will read when I have time,” and trying to master a new healthy recipe. You really should Google cauliflower pizza crust recipe and try it one night! That recipe is dazzling and healthy!
  3. Make Plans! Lastly and most importantly, make plans for what goals you will accomplish when you are back to your old self. I set up and paid for a 5k that, sadly, I will not get to race but that has propelled me to find another race this fall that I know I can conquer. I was pretty bummed out knowing that I would miss this one but finding and planning another is pretty exciting. Who doesn’t like to have something to look forward to? As funny as it sounds, I also can’t wait to beat my 5-year-old in a sprint, or at least try. He sure is fast and he has been practicing in my “off-season.”
No matter what life throws at you, be true to yourself and maintain your equilibrium. You will find that your body and your mind will thank you. Following these simple steps may help you along your way.
Have you had to overcome an injury or other obstacle in your weight-loss journey? What helped you through it?
written by Maggie Smith of Dexter’s Super Savvy Mommy.  Maggie was part of Shaklee Corporation’s Team #Cinchspiration campaign and is now the Shaklee 180™ blogger spokesperson.

Monday, 12 August 2013


Adakah anda penat dengan diet yang menghalang anda makan di Hari Raya ini? Adakah anda suka makan dan suka menikmati makanan ? Tetapi anda juga ingin menjaga badan anda agar nampak cantik dan slim sentiasa.

Ini adalah caranya yang paling senang untuk anda mengikuti program yang anda boleh makan dan juga berdiet dimasa yang sama.

Protein adalah penting untuk pembinaan otot tanpanya maka anda akan menjadi lemah dan juga kurang bertenaga menyebabkan badan anda menjadi lemah dan 'sluggish' . Ini berlaku kepada mereka yang skip makan tengahari atau breakfast.. Dengan sengaja. Jadi beri lah anak anda sarapan walau sekeping roti sebelum pergi ke sekolah.. . Untuk mereka yang berdiet ia sama juga.

Jadi untuk ini kami mencadangkan anda mengambil CINCH ( inch loss protein ) ini agar anda sentiasa dapat mengeklakan otot dan badan tidak menjadi lembap malah bertenaga. Gantikan shake ini untuk sarapan dan makan tengahari. Tiada makanan karbohidrat untuk anda di waktu pagi dan tengahari ( nasi, mee, makanan dibuat dari tepung, roti , pasta dan lain)

Sebelah petang
Senaman adalah penting untuk pengurangan berat badan jadi sebelah petang ambil masa utk senaman selama 20 minit. Seperti berjalan laju ,berjogging , berbasikal, aerobik dan lain2. Anda juga boleh mengambil Cinch Energy Tea sebagai pembakar metabolisma anda.

Adalah treat untuk anda, makanlah apa sahaja yang anda ingin makan sebelum jam 9.30 malam..bebas untuk anda ..Tetapi dinasihatkan AMBIL LECITHIN SEBELUM PERGI ke OPEN HOUSE YA.

Anda akan lihat perubahan selepas 2 minggu mengamalkan cara ini..dan badan yang anda slimkan semasa puasa tidak akan naik kembali..

ini adalah produk yang dicadangkan

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